Who’s in Charge Here?

A perfect start to the sailing season

Josie was sick today so I didn’t write the stuff I’d hoped. But I did manage to make it to the first night of racing on the lake, and I did manage to take a picture of these ferns growing between the slats on the dock. I think maybe I’ll start a new series of photos called: Stuff That Grows on Docks. I’ll make a book and sell it.

Dock ferns

Hey all you gardners, anyone know what this is?

Mystery plant

You remember that green carnival on gardening that I said was going to take place on April 5, well it was posted today (you should really fact check my work I’m totally unreliable). Anyhoo, apparently Anna at Green-Talk thinks maybe I’m some kind of plant identification expert. I hate to let people down. Can you help me out?

I’m off to work on my new shit that grows on docks collection!

5 thoughts on “Who’s in Charge Here?

  1. Polly

    Soooooo jealous. Yesterday was such a perfect day for sailing! I’m sure my first day out will be rainy and cold. See you on the docks soon!

  2. peggy

    Well, I LOVE a good plant identification game . . . especially since Patricia and I just returned this evening from a lovely spring hike over in Umtanum Canyon during which she identified the birds and I identified the plants/flowers. This photo, however, just doesn’t give me enough clues. First of all, I have no idea where on the continent we are.
    Give me a couple of clues, and I bet I can tell you what we’re looking at. But, then again, sometimes I have a pretty big head . . . 🙂
    Love the idea–by the way–of Stuff that Grows on Docks!!

  3. Patricia

    I have to echo Peggy–where is it growing? And then I have to admit that I have no clue.
    I does look like a perennial, with those old sticks sprouting new leaves. How’s that?
    I love stuff growing on docks!

  4. Mom

    I think it is in your yard, and a normal old fern from last year with a weed growing over/through it and giving the impression of new growth. The little fern fronds will be up in awhile. Pull the weed in the meantime. I can’t wait to find out if I’m right. I’m usually not.

  5. Alyssa

    I tried to guess but the angle and the focus made it hard to do so. Can you get a side shot? I am a vegetable nerd, so while I may be of limited help in this situation, I would like to issue a public announcement – Ladies and Gentlemen, its 3 weeks until its time to start your overwintering brussels sprouts. Do you know where your seeds and warming trays are?

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